Spirit embraces the responsibility to ensure that our quality of life and the health of our environment persists for generations to come. As part of our Sustainability Program at Spirit, we consider how we operate socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally and support a committee that seeks to proactively educate our employees on how to live a healthy and sustainable life. In addition, the Sustainability Committee engages with local organizations that are doing their part in protecting natural resources, expanding opportunities for community enjoyment. We regularly review our internal operational practices and continually seek new ways to reduce our energy consumption and waste generation.

Beyond the strides that we have made within our walls, our passions have led us to pursue services related to sustainable business practices with our partners so that they may also become more sustainable. The resulting increase in efficiency and resilience benefits our partners operationally and economically while protecting the environment and promoting responsible corporate citizenship.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is about accomplishing more with less. Spirit serves both private and public sector leaders by helping them develop a plan that meets present and future project needs while minimizing environmental impacts and protecting the well-being of generations to come. We can help reduce a project’s ecological footprint by helping you develop cost-effective solutions.

As the movement towards sustainability gains momentum, we at Spirit are excited about increased opportunities for our Sustainability Program and would love to partner with you to see what we can accomplish together. We can support you in numerous ways, such as:

  • Sustainability audits and management plans
  • Stakeholder relations and advocacy for sustainable planning, design, and construction
  • Management of sustainable reporting and management systems
  • Waste minimization and source reduction planning

Sustainable Markets

Alternative and renewable energy sources are increasingly attractive for energy consumers as well as local and regional stakeholders. In addition to the many economic benefits associated with expanding and exploring non-traditional energy sources, alternative and renewable energy have significantly reduced impacts on the environment. Through innovation and collaboration, we can harness new ways to provide energy to communities. Spirit is proud to have partnered with companies that are developing sustainable energy in the following emerging markets:

  • Solar Development
  • Landfill Gas to Energy
  • Waste to Energy
  • Wind Power
  • Biofuels

What We Do

Through partnerships, we invest in and ensure our clients’ success, bringing them the best solutions possible for their unique environmental challenges. We bridge the gap between industry and the environment through regulatory expertise.

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Planning and Zoning

Spirit’s planning and zoning services provide our clients with local permitting support. We understand the structure and intent of land development codes and efficiently coordinate with stakeholders and government officials.

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National Environmental Policy Act

We provide expert knowledge into federal and state oil and gas regulations and deliver cost-effective solutions that conserve resources, promote sustainability, and comply with applicable regulations. Spirit will evaluate each project to determine which agencies will require environmental permitting.

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