Our modelers are cross-trained in permitting and compliance so nothing gets lost in translation of analysis. This comprehensive skill set gives our team a better understanding of requirements so we can present the facts from a holistic point of view.

We have written programs to re-package data into more consumable formats. Government agencies have used the results of these programs in their own analyses because these programs provide a bird’s eye view of information. 

Air Dispersion Modeling

Accurately performing and interpreting air dispersion modeling allows us to achieve success in air permitting for our clients. Spirit routinely conducts air dispersion modeling studies to determine off-site concentrations from air emissions at proposed or existing industrial facilities. Spirit Environmental’s staff includes several atmospheric scientists that are familiar with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) models, including the preferred model AERMOD. Spirit has conducted and submitted numerous modeling analyses using these modeling programs to regulatory agencies in support of air permit applications.

With continued tightening of air quality standards, many of our clients request preliminary air dispersion modeling evaluations for new facilities or upcoming projects to determine any modeling issues beforehand. Spirit has performed preliminary dispersion modeling studies for facilities during site selection and prior to drafting permit applications in order to avoid issues with unacceptable dispersion modeling results during the regulator’s permit application technical review process.

Given our experience and understanding of air dispersion models, Spirit Environmental can serve your staff and help them make cost-effective decisions and adjustments that will minimize both offsite concentrations and undesirable permitting surprises.

Air dispersion modeling projects completed by Spirit across the US include:

  • Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) evaluation for a greenfield or existing chemical plant
  • Preliminary modeling study/site selection for greenfield oil and gas processing plants
  • State Health Effects and National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) evaluations for a greenfield for-hire terminal in a non-attainment area, including maintenance, startup, and shutdown emissions
  • State Health Effects Evaluation in Air Pollutant Watch List Area in support of a permit deflex application for a for-hire terminal in a non-attainment area

Emergency Planning & Resources Modeling

We will develop plans to minimize the risks associated with emergencies and allow our clients to return quickly to daily operations.

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Enforcement & Litigation Support Modeling

Our modeling team has the specific expertise to assist you in your enforcement and litigation matters.

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What We Do

Through partnerships, we invest in and ensure our clients’ success, bringing them the best solutions possible for their unique environmental challenges. We bridge the gap between industry and the environment through regulatory expertise.

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