Our seasoned staff aren’t just desk jockeys, we have logged thousands of man-hours in the field conducting LDAR inspections and providing turn-key LDAR programs to clients in multiple states under federal, state, and local jurisdiction. We are able to provide compliance solutions for a wide variety of LDAR needs, whether it be optical gas imaging (“OGI”), auditory visual and olfactory (“AVO”), or Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Method 21 compliant inspections. No job is too big or too small. 

Our LDAR services include:

  • OGI inspections with our FLIR GF320 camera,
  • Quantitative leak inspections utilizing an Flame Ionization Detectorn (“FID”),
  • Providing AVO inspections and/or trainings,
  • Inspections before, after, or alongside agency inspections,
  • Holistic LDAR programs,
  • Visualizing combustor destruction efficiency (in addition to EPA method 9 and 22 inspections), and
  • Surveys to refine the efficiency of existing internal LDAR programs.

Regulatory drivers specific to our LDAR services:

EPA Requirements

  • Method 21
  • Alternate work Practice (“AWP”)

State Requirements

  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (“CDPHE”) – Regulation 7
    • Consent Decrees
  • Directed Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Plans (“DIPM”)
  • Compliance Order on Consent (“COC”)
    • Individual permit requirements

Litigation Support

Our environmental professionals have been expert witnesses in over 25 cases, deposed over 50 times, and had involvement in more than 100 legal matters.

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Enforcement & Litigation Support Modeling

Our modeling team has the specific expertise to assist you in your enforcement and litigation matters.

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Compliance, Enforcement & Litigation Support

With experience in over 50 compliance cases, you can count on us to be a fervent and knowledgeable member of your legal team.

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