Spirit has in depth experience to handle the tough issues and challenge agency positions. We provide enforcement assistance for our industry clients in response to allegations made by federal, state, and local agencies.

We have assisted industries in dealing with national enforcement initiatives including:

  • National Coal-Fired Electric Utilities Enforcement Strategy
  • National Petroleum Refining Enforcement Strategy
  • National Acid Plant Enforcement Strategy
  • National Chemical Plant Enforcement Strategy
  • National Carbon Black Enforcement Strategy
  • National Flare Enforcement Strategy

Our assistance with smaller companies on environmental violations or issues normally results in settlements being reached without the need for formal compliance agreements and many times without penalties. The familiarity and relationships we have with regulatory agencies allows us to negotiate on behalf of industries with favorable results. We work with legal counsel to provide the technical assistance needed to review and settle enforcement issues.

Litigation Support

Our environmental professionals have been expert witnesses in over 25 cases, deposed over 50 times, and had involvement in more than 100 legal matters.

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Enforcement & Litigation Support Modeling

Our modeling team has the specific expertise to assist you in your enforcement and litigation matters.

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Compliance, Enforcement & Litigation Support

With experience in over 50 compliance cases, you can count on us to be a fervent and knowledgeable member of your legal team.

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